We provide complete specialized school management software with full control. We offer several types of support systems. You can get step by step from the help. We also provide telephonic, remote, onsite support.

Student Management & Report

We provide unlimited student manage feature. You can take admission of unlimited student and print their profile with full details.
allocate section, generate roll no, maintain SR No, modify record anytime. We provide many types of reports. You can export, print reports.

Attendance Management System

We provide attendance management feature. You can mark student presence as a present, absent, leave. You can send SMS to absent student, leave student. You can make attendance daily class wise and section wise. You can generate attendance report daily or monthly. You can maintain school holiday.

Transport Management & Report

We provide transport management feature. You can add all vehicle details and create rout with destinations. You can set transport fee by destination. You can allocate vehicle, a route to a student. You can maintain vehicle expenses, reports.

Fee Management System

We provide very simple and easy fee management and collection feature. You can set class fee and also you can set compulsory and optional fee. You can allocate fee student wise and provide a special discount to a student on fee head. A simple way to pay fees and generate dues list, report etc.

SMS System

We provide SMS feature to send instant SMS to student, guardian and staff. You can send SMS any time with using predefined templates. We provide multiple templates for every SMS type.

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